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Heat Pumps

Our Heat Pumps 

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Tank Cooling System,Air To Water Heat Pump – Water Heater, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, All In One Heat Pump, High Temperature Heat Pump, Air To Water Chiller Heat Pump and Multi-Function Heat Pump. They are widely used in hotels, apartments, schools, villas, shopping centers, factories, hospitals, etc.
Uses heat from the air to heat water and saves energy as much as 60-80%, when compared to oil fired boilers or electric water heaters.

It is ideal for commercial applications like  hotels, hospitals, spas, hostels etc. where hot water is needed in large volumes.

This range saves on operating costs by tapping the heat in the air in a safe and affordable way.

  • High efficient and energy saving.
  • Eco friendly technology using R407C Refrigerant.
  • Intelligent digital controller for precise control and easy operation.
  • Wide temperature range operation.
  • Can work at night as well as on cloudy days.
  • Can be scaled to meet any requirement of hot water.
  • American Copeland compressor with high efficiency heat- exchanger, reliable and durable.
  • Easy to Install – Just need to connect the pipelines and electrical connections.
  • Occupies very little space and can be installed on the terrace or roof.
  • Long life and corrosion-resistant cabinet,  to withstand severe climates.
  • Combined with a circulation pump and a storage tank it can deliver hot water in seconds anywhere in the premises.

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