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 Our Calorifiers

Calorifiers are suitable for hot water storage in a number of applications. From a small domestic dwelling to hotels, schools, sports facilities or public buildings, we can supply calorifiers from 200 litres up to 9000 litres.

Our range of calorifiers, are all built to the latest European standards, and have internal coating suitable for the storage of sanitary potable water..

Each tank be fitted with a suitable heating coil in the lower chamber. This can then be connected to an external heat source, such as solar, gas, oil or any required energy system.

A magnesium anode is fitted to all calorifiers. High grade insulation providing a thermal conductivity of only 0.035 W/mK is fitted to each calorifier in our range.



We offer a comprehensive range of calorifiers, including the following

  • Vertical Calorifiers – mounted on steel stand or legs as required.
  • Horizontal Calorifiers – can be supplied with support cradles.
  • Direct Calorifiers – electrically heated by an Immersion Heater.
  • Indirect Calorifiers – heated by Boiler, Heat Pump or Solar collectors.
  • Buffer Vessels– providing additional storage for secondary or primary water.
  • Marine Calorifiers – a wide range of calorifiers for boats with various options and sizes available.

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